For us, innovation is about creating new experiences together, generating value from simplicity.

Think to be innovative

Think to be innovative

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«Our success has always been linked to people. Because they are the driving force behind innovation.»

Twenty years on since the creation of Avangarde Group, the Sole Director, Stefano Mantovani, talks about the objectives achieved, the turning points and company growth.

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    Avangarde Group was founded in 2001 by the business venture of the Mantovani family, who chose to focus their business on innovation research and technology development. Right from the outset, partnerships were created with leading companies in the ICT consultancy sector, while constantly adjusting the level of collaboration to become the right partner for your digital transformation.

  • Dialogue

    We value talking to encourage connections and new opportunities

  • Sharing

    We provide our expertise to create value and pass on know-how

  • Inspiration

    We always look at the company with new eyes, open to incentives and listening with plenty of attention

  • Innovation

    We deconstruct complex issues to simplify them and make them accessible

  • Method

    We offer a client-centric approach based on their specific business needs

  • Experimentation

    We surpass limits to achieve new, unprecedented levels of quality

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Are you passionate about the digital world, ICT and innovation? Do you stand out with your commitment, enthusiasm and sense of initiative? Then we’re looking for you. We can work together, re-inventing the present in so far unexplored forms.

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Avangarde Consulting

Avangarde presents Unwalled: a cultural project born from the fragments of the Berlin Wall

A work of art and a virtual plaza revealing the strong message of inclusion behind every wall of history and society

Avangarde Consulting

When social responsibility succeeds: Avangarde Group participates in PMG's “Città a Impatto Positivo” (“Positive Impact Cities”) project

For the development and spread of an inclusive and environmentally aware culture

Avangarde Consulting

People at the centre of Avangarde Group Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in social for inclusive and sustainable business

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